STACS 200SP Fixed Site System / Private Cloud Server

The STACS200SP provides all the capabilities of the STACS system in a package suitable for installation in a large communications truck or a fixed location.  Standard rack mount devices require only 2U of rack space to provide a full VOIP, ROIP, firewall and redundant internet access leveraging existing redundant power.  A roof mount module is provided to connect to satellite and cellular backhaul without long coaxial cable runs.

Site systems can be provided with INMARSAT BGAN satellite terminals, or operate with customer provided VSAT systems.  Satellite backhaul is not required for Site system operation.

The STACS Site system can be configured to act as a primary or backup cloud server for the agencies other STACS devices and remote Windows and Android clients.  Agencies can share Site systems as their Cloud providers under mutual agreements including redundant failover arrangements. 

STACS Site systems support up to100 VOIP phone extensions and can connect to agency PBX switches.  Interconnection with agency PBX switches allows STACS VOIP phones to operate as traditional PBX extensions while the PBX is operational and provide failover VOIP service if the PBX or PBX telephone connections become unavailable.  When a STACS Site system is connected to an agency PBX, field STACS handsets can also be configured to operate as PBX extensions and outside calls can be terminated either through the agency PBX or the STACS Cloud VOIP termination system.

The system is provided with Grandstream(tm) VOIP handsets for each extension, and a Polycom Conference phone.  Cisco and Polycom handsets are available as an option.

Grandstream GXP-2140Polycom IP-7000

Up to 40 ROIP channels can be connected to a STACS Site system using STACS 200RM ROIP modules.  A single STACS 200RM ROIP module can also be used to connect to existing JPS(tm) radio bridging equipment.

A 32 port fully managed gigabit Ethernet switch is provided with POE available on all ports.  The switch is automatically configured by the STACS 200 Site system allowing customer deployment of the system without configuration or device programming.  VOIP handsets are also automatically provisioned by the system allowing plug-and-play installation and upgrade.  WiFi handsets and Android/IOS based soft phones are also supported.

STACS 200 Site Server
Dell(tm) PowerEdge R220 servers are provided as standard equipment with options for other vendors servers if local IT standards dictate.  The STACS 200SP system is Linux based and supports virtually all available hardware platforms.