STACS 200 System Upgrade

The STACS 100 Series portable communications system had been upgraded to include significant new capabilities.  Some of these capabilities will be provided to existing STACS 100EP and STACS 100PP systems, but many of the new capabilities require additional hardware only available in the STACS 200 modules.

New STACS 200 Features Available as an Upgrade for STACS 100 Systems
  • Significantly reduced airtime costs for VOIP calls (<$0.25/minute on BGAN)
  • Support for up to 50 concurrent VOIP calls and devices
  • Automatic power down of BGAN when cellular modem is active and power up of BGAN on cellular link failure
  • Built-in VPN endpoint with strong encryption
  • Improved local and remote management with web based interface
  • Improved remote access to local network devices like IP cameras and sensor networks
  • Built-in MQTT support to seamlessly integrated IoT devices with full remote access
  • Updated Windows and Android ROIP clients
  • Support and auxiliary WAN and mesh networks using an USB to Ethernet adapter

New Features Available in the STACS 200 Hardware Platforms Only

  • Dual Ethernet ports with full 802.3af POE support
  • Support for auxilliary WAN and mesh networks via Ethernet ports
  • Upgraded, long range WiFi radio with 802.11b/g/n and WPS support
  • Guided aiming for BGAN with internal GPS, compass and gyroscopes with simple LED indicators for aiming
  • Automatic BGAN connection when aiming is complete
  • Same physical package as the STACS 100PP
  • Hardware AES-256 engine

Existing customers will be contacted to coordinate STACS 100 firmware upgrades.   All units sold after  January 2011 can be upgraded remotely.  Older units may require factory service for upgrades.

STACS 100 units are not required to be upgraded and can be operated with existing firmware for the foreseeable future.

Technical queries about the STACS 200 hardware and software may be directed to or life support at +1-480-822-8017.

Information on the STACS 200RM ROIP Module

Download the STACS Upgrade Notice

Download a Video Introduction to the STACS 100PP