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Unified Communications Integration Hub
The STACS™ 200IH can be used in man-portable, vehicle, maritime and fix deployments. Combining video, data, telephone and radio over IP communications in a compact, weatherproof unit with internal battery power for 14-20+ hours of operation on a charge. A new Unified Voice Communications platform allows seemless integration of telephone conference bridges and ROIP bridges using SIP, Windows and Android devices. This unified platform creates a single virtual communications medium that can be used to contact any system user or outside telephone endpoint with simple, push-to-talk operation.

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Man Portable Communcations System.
The STACS™ 100PP provides comprehensive communications including telephone, Radio over IP, Internet and VPN data with Satellite and Cellular backhaul in a small man portable package.

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Radio over IP you can actually use.
The STACS™ 200 ROIP system connects local and remote radios to an IP based ROIP bridge without requiring any configuration. Cloud based infrastructure automatically tracks the IP address of all endpoints and allows single click bridging of any local or remote radios.
All radio types are supported, and Windows and Android communications consoles are provided allowing internet connected users anywhere in the world to communicate with staff in the field.

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