STACS 200 Product Release - December 2016

After development and extensive testing of the new Unified Voice Communications platform, the STACS 200IH is ready for field use. The Unified Voice Communications platform provides push-to-talk communication between radio users, telephone users, Windows and Android client users. Radio networks can not be dynamically added to VOIP calls and conference bridges allowing incident-wide push-to-talk operation across all types of devices.

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STACS 200 Field Testing - December 2014

Initial STACS 200PP systems have been released for field testing.  This testing program is planned to last 90 days after which the STACS 200PP will replace the STACS100PP in the product lineup.

The STACS 200PP offers these major additional capabilities
  • Significantly increased telephone and ROIP channel capacity
  • Significantly reduced bandwidth cost for VOIP/ROIP communications with no loss in audio quality
  • 802.3af Power Over Ethernet available on primary Ethernet port
  • Secondary Ethernet port added with passive POE for STACS and Ubiquiti(tm) devices
  • Improved WiFi radio with longer range and better support for WDS range extension
  • Lower power ARM based processor with 4-5x the performance of the STACS 100 processor
  • VLAN based traffic routing on both external Ethernet adapters with DMZ, Aux WAN and VSAT support

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ROIP Availability - November 2014

Field testing of the STACS Generation 2 ROIP system has been completed and the product is now certified and available for general use.

The STACS ROIP system provides radio interoperability you can actually use in the field.  Radio bridges can be predefined allowing bridging between multiple radio systems and Windows or Android access with no configuration.  No network configuration is ever necessary and full administrative capabilities are provided via a web or Windows client based interface.

Windows and Android client software is provided free of charge for use with STACS ROIP adapters and can be used to monitor, transmit on and control radios from anywhere in the world an internet connection is available.

The second member of the STACS ROIP adapter family is currently undergoing testing.  This new adapter is half the size of the Gen 2 adapter and provides two independent ROIP interfaces allowing bridging of two radio systems from a single adapter.  We anticipate general release of this dual port adapter in March 2015.

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