STACS Applications in Disaster Relief

Providing effective response to natural and man-made disasters requires flexible and reliable communications.  The STACS communications systems provide comprehensive communications capabilities including up to 50 telephone lines, Internet data service and push-to-talk radio service in a single rugged case that meets FAA carry-on requirements.  STACS can by up and running in less than two minutes from boots on the ground, and keep running for up to 20 hours on the internal battery.  The STACS system can operate from a variety of power sources for operations beyond 20 hours including 90-240V AC, vehicle power, solar, fuel cell and portable generators.

Having reliable communications allows relief agencies to leverage resources from their home base rather than being forced to locate all staff at the disaster side.  This reduces logistics costs and requirements as well as reducing the risk to staff safety.  Activities as complex as air traffic control can be managed from half was around the world using STACS with the 200RM Radio over IP adapter and IP based ADS-B SYSTEMS.

STACS systems can be configured to utilize local cellular data services when they are available.  VSAT systems can be used to augment the built-in INMARSAT-BGAN terminal providing 1-2 minute setup and operation on BGAN and inexpensive long-term operation on VSAT once the VSAT system is assembled and aimed.

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