STACSApplications in Critical Infrastructure

Whether you are operating an Airport or a Nuclear Reactor, you need communications you can rely on when natural or man-made disaster strikes.  Staying on contact with public safety agencies, regulators, press and corporate offices can safe lives and property and turn a PR disaster into a smooth operation.

communication systems do not rely on fixed infrastructure and can operate for extended periods of time without external power.  Portable systems are fully operational in one to two minutes, and fixed site systems fail over to cellular or satellite backhaul and are fully operational less than 10 seconds after an infrastructure failure.

With the STACS
communications system, you can
  • Maintain communications during the Golden Hour at the start of an incident and well beyond
  • Get the resources you need to respond to an incident
  • Communicate with Corporate and Government leadership at all times
  • Manage press relations and provide real-time photo, audio and video resources (keeping press off site and out of your way)
  • Contact experts to assist in responding to an incident
  • Broadcast telephone, E-Mail, Twitter and Facebook messages to keep employee families informed
  • Effectively manage an evacuation of employees
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